everyone’s talking about ello. is it cool guys?



~i didn’t realise its the end of the month and i’m going away in less than 12 hours, so excuse the banner-less post ~

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I’m so fed up of people telling me that wanting to study veterinary medicine is useless, and that human medicine is better because we need more doctors but not vets. Why would I study something that I’m not passionate about? That makes no sense. Ugh. If anyone knows if their university offers international scholarships, let me know please :) I really want to go away

virctis said:
lovely, it's not worth it. 18 months!? thats absolutely amazing! I am so proud of you! take a deep breath, watch some funny videos, or talk to a friend, or take a nice bubble bath or read a book and keep telling yourself that you can push through this urge and you'll be completely okay. <3

Thanks so much. That helped. You’re amazing :)

Anonymous said:
please don't hurt yourself you've gotten so far. we all believe in you. try distracting yourself, maybe the urge will go away. at least that's what i do and it usually works. stay strong ♥

Thank you beautiful. I’ll try.

18 months clean from self harm and I’m feeling so triggered right now sigh

I crave touch, yet I flinch every time someone is close enough. - I have become rather fearful I suppose.  (via dollpoetry)

Watching two football matches at the same time. I’m obsessed