Ugh guys my wisdom teeth are making my gums hurt so much. And I need to study for my exams and :(

{ history hw ugh } Promo 5+


  • mbf moi, check out my botw
  • reblogs only, likes won’t count
  • solos depending on notes, a must-follow list of 5
  • this will be done in like an hour or two
  • I should really ask for an extension and I deserve it because my teacher lost my stuff so it’s going to be harder to do this but I’m too afraid to ask ah
New theme promo!


  • First 30+ to reblog; can go over,must reach
  • Must be following me and check out lovely Imber
  • Last chance to be included on my favourites page
  • Everyone promoted in several lists with rates with favourites bolded!
  • If this go above 50+ I will add some screenies and solos more!
  • I really want to reach my goal today and if you could help me I would be very greatfull! Have a nice day and stay golden.

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I have been on tumblr much because I have exams soon so I’m studying a lot. But I hope you guys are great and I’ll try to be on more often :)